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This charger is supplied as standard with the purchase of the portable station ART-28A and allows us to fully charge the battery in less than 7 hours in a completely safe way thanks to the use of the CC-CV technique:

If the battery is sufficiently discharged, the charger starts charging in CC (Constant Current) mode, with a high and constant current until the nominal charge voltage of the battery is reached. This way we get a good level of charge in a short time.

After this point the charger goes into CV (Constant Voltage) mode to completely charge the battery. This charging phase requires a longer time that ends when the current absorbed by the battery is 20% of the CC value.

At this point the charger automatically ends the charge and goes into float mode, providing a small maintenance current to the battery used to internally balance the battery cells.


  • Manufacturer: ABT Power
  • Model: 3PL3016
  • AC Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • DC Output: 16,8V 2A


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