Electric Trims

Electric Trims

Ray Allen trim systems are robust, secure and reliable, so they enjoy great popularity in sport aviation. It consists of the following parts:

The servo

The servo box includes the following mechanisms:

  • Motor: Powered at 12V. Reverse polarity to change movement direction.
  • Reducer: Reduces engine speed and increases mechanical power.
  • The linear actuator: Transforms rotational movement of the gearbox in a linear movement of 26mm.
  • The position sensor: Allows to know the linear position, reporting to external LEDAlso acts as a limit stop preventing the linear actuator to go beyond the maximum and minimum position.

The position indicator

The LED bar indicates the position of linear actuator. Also must be connected at 12V.

The control button

It has 3 positions: Extend, retract and stop. To extend and retract you constantly have to press the button, because if you do not press a spring returns the switch to the "stop" position. You can also drive the trim from the buttons on the stick grip. If it is a Ray Allen the connection is direct. If it is from another manufacturer may be required an inverter relay.

The actuator rod

It is a threaded rod pitch 8/32 "length of 178mm, you can cut to lengthOne end is connected to the linear actuator and the other to the control surface.

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