Founded in January 2008 Funkwerk Avionics is a German company born from the union of Filser Electronic and Euro Telematik. Funkwerk currently has 2 major lines of business. The first is the contribution of Filser and includes VHF Radio and Transponder. So great was the footprint of Filser in the market that they are still known as "Filser" but all come with f.u.n.k.e. brand. The second business line corresponds to the contribution of Euro Telematik and is focused on developing products for aerospace, defense and institutional markets.  In 2014 the company updates the name and coporate image to f.u.n.k.e. Avionics

Aeroplans Blaus is the exclusive distributor of f.u.n.k.e. Avionics in Spain.

  • AeroShell
  • AirGizmos
  • Balloon Avionics
  • BOSE
  • David Clark
  • Dynon
  • funke
  • Galaxy
  • Garmin
  • Icom
  • JLA
  • K&N
  • NGK
  • Pilot USA
  • Ray Allen
  • TQ Avionics
  • Trig
  • VDO
  • Whelen


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