Power Filters

Power Filters
Most electronic equipment on board may have problems and even be damaged if not supplied with a voltage suitably filtered. Conventional rectifiers and regualtors provide DC voltage suitable for charging the battery, but under certain loading conditions they can't can provide a voltage filtered enough for the electronic equipment.All equipment related to voice communications (VHF radios, intercoms, stereos ...) are especially sensitive to power supply.Installing a power filter is highly recommended for both the smooth operation and the protection of electronic devices.

  • AeroShell
  • AirGizmos
  • Balloon Avionics
  • BOSE
  • David Clark
  • Dynon
  • funke
  • Galaxy
  • Garmin
  • Icom
  • JLA
  • K&N
  • NGK
  • Pilot USA
  • Ray Allen
  • TQ Avionics
  • Trig
  • VDO
  • Whelen


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