Attitude Indicators

Attitude Indicators

The attitude indicator is the basic instrument for IFR flight. It's mission is to indicate at any times the attitude of the aircraft respect to the horizon. Many VFR aircraft are equipped with attitude indicators because accidentally could get into a cloud. According to manufacturing technology there are 3 types: Mechanical electric powered, mechanical vacuum powered and fully electronic.

  • AeroShell
  • AirGizmos
  • Balloon Avionics
  • BOSE
  • David Clark
  • Dynon
  • funke
  • Galaxy
  • Garmin
  • Icom
  • JLA
  • K&N
  • NGK
  • Pilot USA
  • Ray Allen
  • TQ Avionics
  • Trig
  • VDO
  • Whelen


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