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585,00 € + VAT (707,85 € VAT Inc.)


The GPS GARMIN AERA new series are designed for use both in vehicles and on the plane. Its management is via a touch screen, eliminating the buttons.
AERA model 500 is the most affordable range, with a 4.3 inch touch screen, and land mapping pre-loaded, this versatile GPS comes ready for takeoff, you just have to out of the box.

In aviation mode, detailed mapping and terrain databases and aviation help you visualize your position in relation to navigation aids nearest, land, airspace, etc. The terrain graphic of Aera 500 offers a view surface topography that these overhead. In addition a database of obstacles will alert if an obstacle is near or if you're not up to safety, showing that fly over the ground by a color code.

It also incorporates a map IFR. Optionally you can purchase a cable power / data that allows you to easily connect your Aera 500 with Mode S Transponder GTX 330, giving you a great help in the separation between aircraft at the show on the display TIS traffic alerts. In addition you can also use the Aera communications frequencies to tune your radio Garmin SL 40 or SL 30.

When it comes to the airplane hangars and return to the road, Aera 500 does not leave you. Put in ground mode, it drives like a car GPS nüvi type. With land mapping preloaded City Navigator NT, the Aera 500 offers voice commands navigation technology with text-to-speech through a speech synthesizer lets you hear street names. It also supports Bluetooth for handsfree phone calls if you use a compatible mobile phone. Also I notice on the radar.

Car use manual

Aviation use manual



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