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Portable EFIS

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The D3 Pocket Panel is a true artificial horizon based on the same technology that drives Dynon’s Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS).

Dynon is a leader in designing and manufacturing MEMS-based AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Systems) using calibrated solid state gyros and accelerometers. This hardware is combined with an advanced flight dynamics algorithm to accurately determine aircraft true attitude without drift. The D3 can be turned on in flight and it quickly determines true attitude.

A high-quality, highly sensitive GPS receiver is also built into the D3 to provide GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track for enhanced flight situational awareness.The D3 Pocket Panel is not a smartphone or tablet app, or a GPS-derived “simulated instrument panel.” Unlike those consumer devices, the D3 is a dedicated avionics instrument. With a real AHRS, and designed and calibrated for in-cockpit use, you can rely on it to give you accurate flight information. It will be on and ready when you need it; it isn’t going to switch away from your attitude indicator to display a calendar reminder!

With over four hours of battery life the D3 can be used with no connection to ship’s power. However, a “cigarette lighter” DC vehicle adaptor is included if you want to keep the D2 fully charged at all times, and it can be set to turn on and off with the aircraft’s Battery Master through the DC outlet.

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